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It's official! We have moved to our new District website, now located at Please take a moment to visit and explore our new online home for updated information on all items related to Aiken County Public Schools.
As a reminder, our individual school web pages will continue to link back to School Fusion (hosted at this site) until the start of the new school year when all school-related pages will make the transition to our new web platform.
Thank you for your continued interest in and support of Aiken County Public Schools, and welcome to!  
Aiken County Virtual Academy
ACVA Mission and Purpose
To deliver quality, flexible online options for the diverse educational needs of students and their families as a strategy for increasing the graduation rate and preparing students to be successful in a global society.    ACVA does not offer a complete high school diploma program online. The credit earned by taking an ACVA course is entered into the student’s record by the local public high school. This website outlines some of the guidelines for participation in ACVA. It is important to note that ACVA is the parent program of all online and virtual learning opportunities for Aiken County Public Schools’ students.  Students and parents interested in a virtual class should contact their school counselor.

Fran Altringer
Virtual Learning Coordinator

 Geometry Honors Camp Brochure.pdf
Information on Summer Geometry Honors Camp
 MS Geometry Honors Camp Application.pdf
Middle School Geometry Honors Camp Application
 How to Create an Account (Student).pdf
Tutorial for Creating a Student Account in Virtual SC - Use your student school email address (
 Tutorial- Requesting Courses (Student).pdf
After creating an account, this tutorial is for requesting a course. Make sure you let your counselor know.
ACVA Drop Deadline
July 1, 2016 is the last day a student can drop an ACVA course. The parent should contact the virtual teacher by 8:00 PM on July 1, 2016 in order to have a drop processed and approved.
Middle School Accelerated Math Summer Course
Click here to access a video that provides instructions on how to access the Middle School Accelerated Summer Course.
Keboarding and Computer Applications
Now that you are enrolled in an ACVA virtual class, you may be asking “what do I do now”.

Please click on the link below to access the student tutorials for your virtual course. The tutorials contain information about accessing and navigating your course, and about messaging your teacher.

I know many of you are anxious to begin, and although ACVA’s courses do not officially start until June 13th, you are free to explore your virtual dashboard. It is possible that your teacher may open up your course a little sooner in order for you to get a head start.

Remember that July 1st is the last day you can drop an ACVA course. Directions for dropping a course are included in the tutorials (see link above).

Your virtual teacher will be the best source of information during this summer session, so please be sure to keep in constant communication with him or her throughout the course. We are very excited you are committing yourself to learning over the summer. All your hard work will pay off!
Keyboarding and Computer Applications Informational Session
AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA - May 24, 2016 - The Aiken County Public School District is offering online courses in Keyboarding and Computer Applications this summer to rising 7th-12th graders free of charge. Both courses can be taken concurrently for full high school credit. In addition to allowing students to earn credits, this program is also intended to provide more opportunities for students to participate in advanced technology courses during the regular school year. "We're excited to provide access this summer to courses that will allow students to accelerate learning and provide the acquisition of foundational skills necessary for higher-level coursework in high-interest technology areas such as coding, networking and cyber security," Dr. Sean Alford stated.

The online registration window will be open from May 25 through June 9, and the Virtual Academy session will last from June13 through July 27. Parents and students can get more information from their school guidance counselors or accessing this informational video.
Grade Point Scale
Summer high school credit courses will be on the current 7-point grading scale. The 10-point grading scale is effective on August 15, 2016.
Geometry Honors Application Due
Please make sure you have submitted your Geometry Honors Camp Application to your middle school principal or counselor by June 1st. A detailed letter will be sent home with all applicants on June 1st. This letter gives important enrollment instructions.
Graphing Calculator
Here are the graphing calculator recommendations going into Algebra 2 Honors:
AHS and SAHS - TI-84 Plus or CE
SBHS TI-84 or CE
NAHS TI-84 Plus Silver
Academic Integrity Policy and Procedural Requirements

ACVA Academic Integrity Commitment

The vision of Aiken County Schools is to be a premier, world-class school system in which every student acquires an excellent education. Our schools will be welcoming centers organized around high-quality teaching and learning. To honor this vision and our commitment to excellence in education, Aiken County Virtual Academy provides an online collaborative learning environment that promotes academic integrity. ACVA strives to maintain academic integrity in the online environment by ensuring all courses regularly include discussion-based assessments designed to verify the validity and authenticity of student work as well as require mid-session and final exams to be given in a secure and proctored setting. Our belief is that by fostering honesty and responsibility, we are empowering students to be good citizens and custodians of learning. The ACVA expectations below reflect this commitment.

Academic Integrity Policy
Prior to enrollment in any course offered through ACVA, students and parents/guardians are required to sign a Commitment Form indicating their understanding of academic integrity and the consequences of dishonesty.
Students are expected to uphold the qualities of academic integrity by NOT engaging in any of the following unacceptable behaviors: cheating, fraud, or plagiarism. Below, you will find a list, although not all inclusive, of acts of cheating, fraud, or plagiarism.
Students should NOT
  • copy or use someone else’s work (to include images, words, and ideas) and pass it off as their own
  • use unauthorized study aids (cheat sheets, references, calculators, notes, other people, Internet, etc…)
  • falsify information, including research or data
  • commit forgery
  • copy or apply patterns of language, structure, or ideas of another without internal and external citation or receipt of permission as appropriate

Students SHOULD
  • complete their own original work using resources and references only as allowed and citing appropriately
Course Completion and Progress Monitoring Procedures
Course Completion and Progress Monitoring Procedures
  1. All course work must be completed by the assigned course completion deadline unless an extension is recommended by the principal and approved by ACVA.
  2. Students must be progressing successfully according to the online pacing guide before they are recommended for additional courses.
  3. Some courses are self-paced; however, students must complete all courses before ACVA’s stated deadline each year in order to graduate in June and/or grade promotion.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the online instructor for assistance if needed.
  5. Student/guardians are responsible for online access from home if this is required to successfully complete the course.
Participation Guidelines
NOTE: Prior to enrollment in any online course, students and parents/guardians must meet with their guidance counselor.

Online Options and Selection Procedures
Enrollment in online courses should be considered in the following priority order:
  1. Traditional classroom with teacher
  2. South Carolina Virtual School Program OR Aiken County Virtual Academy (i.e. complete course with an online teacher certified in the subject area of the course based on course lists provided by ACVA)

Counselors should utilize the course offering lists issued by ACVA for determining appropriate online program enrollment. Any deviations must be approved by ACVA personnel. Please visit the Aiken County Virtual Academy website for a list of available online courses and services or contact Aiken County Schools.
Course Selection
  1. The school counselor will identify the course(s) for which a student may receive credit based on an analysis of the student’s high school transcript.
  2. Students are strongly recommended to take one virtual course initially. Upon successful completion of the initial virtual course, students are eligible to be enrolled in additional virtual courses per session.
  3. Student athletes may recover only two units per year to be eligible to play high school sports.
  4. Student athletes must recover according to the timeline set by the high school league. Principals and Athletic Directors are advised to communicate with SCHSL on matters pertaining to student athletic eligibility and credit recovery.
  5. Students, parents/guardians, school administration, coaches, athletic director, and counselors are advised to consult NCAA guidelines and course approvals concerning eligibility.

Course Fees
Unless specified otherwise, online courses made available through ACVA are provided at no cost to students. Summer school courses will require a fee to be determined by the local high school.
ACVA Withdrawal/Drop Policy
ACVA Withdrawal/Drop Policy

Our faculty and staff aim to design quality courses, provide excellent customer service, and ensure that each student who starts a course has the support they need to succeed. We recognize, however, that there are circumstances that may require a student to be removed from a course.

Student Responsibilities
Students should spend the first twenty days making sure that they are comfortable with the technology of online learning and that they are capable of successfully mastering the content. Please note that when taking an online class, students are responsible for maintaining consistent and reliable computer access. Our courses are accessible from any computer with high-speed internet access, and computer/internet problems will not be accepted as reasons for delays in meeting deadlines. Only through continuous communication and consistent work can students be successful in an online course. Within each course, the instructor outlines the weekly minimum work requirements in the Pacing Guide. It is essential that the students maintain regular contact with their instructor(s) and submit assignments on time. If circumstances arise that prevent students from maintaining the appropriate pace in their course(s), it is critical that they communicate with the instructor.

Drop Policy
  1. Students who do not begin their courses within 5 days of the session start date will be removed from their courses for non-attendance on Day 6. These students will be designated as Withdrawn Never activated (WNac). Being removed from a course in this way does not affect a student’s transcript.
  2. Students may drop their courses any time within the first 20 business days of their start date with no penalty to their transcripts. If students drop their courses after the first 20 business days, they will receive a Withdrawn Failing (WF) on their transcript. This grade DOES affect a student’s permanent transcript, and counts as a 61. Students who wish to drop their courses must contact their virtual instructor.
  3. Students who stop working in their courses and/or students who do not maintain appropriate contact with their instructors can be administratively dropped. Such drops that occur within the first 20 days of a course will go on student transcripts as a Withdrawn No Grade (WNG). Any later drops will be recorded as Withdrawn Failing (WF). Before a student is administratively dropped, instructors will make contact with the student, parent/guardian and ACVA Registrar.
  4. Students that drop or withdraw from a course cannot re-enroll during the current session.
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